Modern Taste. Timeless Appeal.

Cocktails are an art form at Jimmy.

Famed mixologist Johnny Swet has developed a series of custom recipes for Jimmy based on classic American inspirations reinterpreted for modern taste.

Unexpected ingredients and signature touches mark Jimmy’s cocktail menu, which includes the Mexican Bee Hive, comprised of silver tequila, honey, lavender syrup, lime juice and a real chunk of amber honeycomb as a garnish; and 12 Gauge Grog, made up of multiple top shelf
rums, passion fruit juice, lime and freshly grated nutmeg.

Cocktail ingredients are made in-house, including syrups, bitters, fresh squeezed juices, and garnishes and herbs from the hotel’s own organic garden. The menu will change seasonally, taking advantage of the freshest and best ingredients available.

Cocktail Menu